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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Jess Angland was the guest at Limerick City Community Radio during their Empower Hour show on the 3rd of November. Listen to the show below, where Jess speaks about burnout, caring about oneself while working as a caregiver, and managing compulsive caring.

Empower Hour - November 3rd, 2019

by Limerick City Community Radio

Early in the show, Jess discusses the realisation over the years that herself and her colleagues tended to forget self-care, and talks about the need for it with host Saralee Cassidy.

“It's one of the things I discovered over my 25 years of working was that I was always in a caring profession. I was working with victims of domestic violence, which you can imagine is quite a stressful job. The women I was working with weren't very good at caring for themselves, and neither was I.”

-Jess on her discovery of compulsive caring: professional carers anticipating everyone else's needs and not their own

Jess also burned out on a few occasions and began searching for the answers as to why she was not so good at self care. She found some of those answers were related to trauma but that did not really explain everything.

As a result of that, she then decided to embark on a journey to find out why that was the case, travelling to the UK to work with Dr Una McCluskey, a research fellow at York University. She was very privileged to study attachment patterns in adults with Dr Una McCluskey and that learning changed both her life and the lives of the women she worked with to enhance their lives and to discover why they, too, could not do self care.  

“That pattern of looking after everyone else gets set up early in life, so very often, somebody as a young child is looking after everyone, and that pattern repeats over time.”

-on what she had learnt from working with Dr Una McCluskey in the UK

Where Workshops and Support Come In

When working with trauma, care workers tend to dissociate from their feelings, and this is where our workshops come in, getting people back into trusting their feelings:

“The body does tell us when something is not right, particularly the gut. So we work a lot with trusting your gut: your gut does tell you when something is right.”

Jess goes on to speak about balancing conflict avoidance and self-care, and their relation to our childhood environment. Following her stint in the UK with Dr McCluskey, Jess developed training that encompasses trauma legacy and attachment patterns and how they get played out for those in the caring professions. She also developed workshops on shame and understanding that we all carry that underlying belief that we are not enough. 

The interview closes with a very important point, that even when equipped with the necessary tools to self-care, one still needs to recognise compulsive-caring habits that they have grown up with, and that it is something to constantly be working on and be aware of.

Listen to Empower Hour on Sundays at 10.30am on Limerick City Community Radio.

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